Our long-term mission is to reshape and strengthen Puerto Rico's food economy. The island unnecessarily imports a whopping 85% of its food, which diminishes its job opportunities, quality of life, and culture.


In 2019, we began offering low-cost microloans to support the growth of local food producers. The interest earned from these loans will be used to fund other initiatives.

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We believe supporting Puerto Rico's local food movement is essential to sustaining its economy, quality of life, and vibrant culture.

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Microloans for
Puerto Rico Growers

Our microloans are designed to help create a thriving, local food economy for the people of Puerto Rico by supporting small farms and fishing associations.

Helping you Grow

We are delivering aid through a microloan program administered by a local San Juan bank dedicated to further boosting the farming and fishing sectors. Making smart use of the remaining half of funds raised, these low-interest loans are geared toward the purchasing of new equipment and expansion, giving these business owners a jumpstart.